Donated By: The Towel Shoppe|4805 New Utrecht Ave,Brooklyn,NY 11219

Donated By: Her family לז"נ הא' חי' גיטל בת ר' צבי שלום ע"ה

Donated By: Brooklyn, NY

Donated By: Dr. G. Miller & Family | לז"נ ר' ישכר דוב ב"ר בן ציון ע"ה

Donated By: | 3605 12th Ave. | 718.305.7525

Donated By: Dependable Foods | Request at your local Supermarket

לז"נ ה' בילא בת אברהם אליעזר ע"ה - וה' רבקה בת אברהם אבא ע"ה

Donated By: Binyomin Perlman CPA, Brklyn, NY | לז"נ ה' רעכל לאה בת ר' שלמה פערלמאן ע"ה

Your Donation Prize Tickets Free Gifts +Z'chusiem
$18 1 Sponsor Family Meals
$36 3 Sponsor Baby Layette
$54 5 Cozy Blanket Sponsor Diapers and Formula
$72 8 Cozy Blanket Sponsor a Stroller
$100 10 Cozy Blanket Sponsor Pocket Money in Cash
$180 18 Cozy Blanket Sponsor a Stroller
$360 25 Zera Shimshon Sponsor a neshamale
The Towel Shop $150 Certificate
3 Artscroll best Cookbooks
Elite Sterling Silver Puska
Sewing Machine Elna 540
MacLearn Quest Denim Stroller
Bosch Machine by Dependable
100 Piece bcp Magna Blocks
Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner
Please send me a Rabbi Meyer Baal Haness Pushka

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